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Tree Trimming & Pruning 

Tree Pruning is critical to a tree's health, it encourages tree growth & structure. Tree trimming is critical to sustaining your tree’s health, but when done incorrectly, it can cause serious damage to your beloved green asset. 

Tree Pruning Encourages Tree Growth and Structure

Tree trimming and tree pruning is critical to sustaining your tree’s health, stimulating growth and retaining its natural appearance, but do-it-yourselfers can often end up trimming incorrectly, causing serious damage to your beloved green asset.

Benefits of Tree Trimming:

  • Removing branches can help improve the tree's health

  • Prevents overgrowth into yards or other areas

  • Promote new growth and enhance the overall shape and structure of the tree

Benefits of Tree Pruning:

  • Maintain Plant Health and Aesthetics

  • Control Growth

  • Encourage Flower and Fruit Production

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Tree Removal 

We specialize in the removal of trees of all types and sizes.  All our tree services are covered by insurance. Many tree removals are dangerous and complex - and mistakes can be costly.  TNA Tree Service, contractors are bonded & insured, and they'll work with you to remove your tree safely and efficiently.

Removal is necessary to keep surrounding people and property safe.

We specialize in the removal of trees of all types and sizes.  

We Remove Trees That Are:

  • Damaged by rough weather 

  • Dead or dying or have diseased limbs threatening your safety 

  • In the way of new construction 

  • Overrunning power lines 

  • Have roots causing damage to your property 

  • Harboring pests 

  • Crowding neighboring trees affecting their ability to mature successfully 

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Is Tree Stump Removal Necessary?

...or is it better to stump grind? 

As much as trees bring beauty to your landscape, increase property value & improve air quality. Dead trees however, can cause quite a few problems & need to be removed immediately. 

Over time, a rotting stump becomes a home for damaging pests like termites or carpenter ants. Dealing with a tree stump that is left behind can cause a few difficulties, it is highly recommended to remove it immediately as it can pose a safety hazard on your property.

Why you should a Remove Tree Stump...

  • It reduces your property value

  • It's a safety hazard 

  • It can spread infestations & diseases 

  • Takes up valuable space 

  • Makes gardening chores more difficult 

  • Damage your property 

Commercial Tree Care 

TNA's Certified Team helps manage & maintain the trees on their clients property, with many tree care solutions. We provide commercial tree care services for a variety of organizations throughout SoCal.  TNA helps clients manage and maintain the value of their tree and landscape assets.

Maintain the Value of Your Commercial Landscape Assets 

We can assist in making sure your trees are well-maintained and evaluated for safety risks,

whether your goal is to create a favorable brand impression for customers, improve curb appeal for landlords and residents, or provide much-needed fresh air for staff, students, and patients.

We follow up on our efforts and care for each tree and piece of land that we assist in maintaining as though it were our own.

 While tree trimming and removal are essential services, a professional arborist can also help you plan the layout of your landscape, help you choose the right trees for your environment, and maintain the optimum health of your trees.

Our reputation for quality speaks for itself

At TNA Tree Service, we are dedicated to providing high-quality services that meet and exceed our customers' expectations. We stand behind the quality of our workmanship and guarantee your satisfaction with every project we undertake.  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our work, we will work with you to make it right, ensuring that you are completely happy with the final results. Trust us to provide the quality workmanship you deserve, backed by our guarantee of complete satisfaction.

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